A Metamorphosis: Carol Peletier (***SPOILERS***)

Long ago, in a post far, far, away, I shared my opinions of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Now that four seasons have elapsed, I am going to revisit a small pinch of those opinions.

Much like any other show or story, I have my favorite characters, as well as those I’m rather apathetic toward.  From the beginning, Carol Peletier has been my steadfast choice of interest.  During season 1, she was suppressed, oppressed, and abused by her husband.  Overall, she was rather timid, shy, and weak.  Although she was conveyed in this predominantly stereotypical way, a spark was burning behind her eyes. Over the course of the following seasons, that light intensified, transforming her into a new woman.  Perhaps the same woman was there all along, bound behind her fear.  Regardless, she blossomed into an amazing character.  This metamorphosis is both internal and external.

Pictured below are photos of Carol (Melissa McBride), in season 1 and season 4 respectively:

Season 1

Season 1

Season 4

Season 4

As you can see, there is a remarkable list of differences in her physicality alone.  The following rough list are just a few of the changes:  Her posture is strengthened, her facial expression is hardened and focused, her clothes are more realistic for the fictional circumstance and not so “homemaker,” her comfort level with weaponry is evident.  There is so much to be said in her eyes and expression.  She carries herself with more purpose and aspiration.  She acts on her own for the benefit of her community.  No one ever stops her – not anymore.  What Carol thinks is best, happens.

This renowned sense of being has gotten Carol into some sticky situations on a variety of scales.  Though some of her decisions are rather brash, how can she possibly be to blame?  With the world in the fictionalized state that it is, how could she possibly be in the wrong?  I suppose it is up to the reader, the fan, the watcher.

There is a remarkably long list of circumstances that Carol has had to deal with over the last four seasons.  I attempted to write some of them down, but each just outweighs the last.  I digress…

Other characters in the ensemble have gone through hell and back, but Carol is one of the few that tends to move forward and adapt.  This is a world of adaptation and progression.  Without adapting, one cannot survive.  Is Carol making so many changes to merely survive, or be part of the solution?

I believe that Carol has a plan inside of her.  No, she may not have a cure for the “Walker” disease, but she is able to coach people into differing perspectives.  These people come to trust and confide in her.  Much like a mother bird teaching her young to fly, she forces them to deal with things that make them uncomfortable.  That’s the reality.  The reality of this new world is scary and uncomfortable.  There isn’t time to sit back and let things happen anymore.  To each their own and to each their own power.  No one can be fully dependent on others.  The world and it’s people are challenging and frightening.

Sure, this is a fictionalized story line, but it isn’t too far fetched.  There may not be zombies walking down the street right this second, but times are changing and so are people.  Perspective and adaptation are required for survival.


Progress Isn’t Always Progress

Though Halloween is upon us (happy haunts everyone), the truly frightening thing is that Nov. 6th is just around the corner.  So many issues are flying around in the air, and our candidates have been nothing but disappointments to me.  Needless to say, the well-being and independent posterity of the female body is at risk…in 2012.  2012!  

Now, I’m not going to ramble on and on about the issues that the majority of the people I interact with already know, but I will put in my 2 cents.

My main point is to shed light on the fact that progress is not always progress.  Sure, over the past few decades, women have made advancements both in and out of the office, but it’s still not enough.  Sure, President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, but where are the results?  I’m impatiently waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  Women are still making roughly 3/4 the amount of their male counterparts; wasn’t that supposed to be equal?  I won’t even touch on the health and body issues on the table…this post will never end.

Likewise, it’s true that in the past four years, LGBT issues have been making ground at record speed, but things still haven’t changed.  Papers keep getting signed, but that isn’t enough.  The overall outlook of the nation on issues such as gay marriage seem to be a draw, but that doesn’t mean that advancements are being made.  

More issues keep popping into my head now, but I will simply leave you with this:  The next president of the USA will have power…this is true.  However, so many of the issues being held on a silver platter will be up to the Supreme Court to decide.  NOTE: In the next four years, THREE of our current justices will be turning 80.  The president does choose the replacements.  Keep that in mind.

Enjoy your holiday candy and happy voting!