It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s one Step Toward Representation!

This may just be me geeking out a little bit, but that’s ok.  Yesterday, I discovered the marvelous line of action figures called IAmElemental.  This line of action figures is marketed toward a young, female, demographic and makes a positive statement.  Check it all out at this link:


From what I know so far, I’m very impressed.  Not only are these figures created with young girls in mind,the body proportions are more realistic to the female anatomy.  Generally speaking, most figures of females  have been created and geared toward a sexualized audience.  Structures such as these keep the patriarchal paradigm alive and well.  This new line centers around the power and character within everyday girls and people, allowing them to find strength and pride in themselves, not an unrealistic ideal.

While seemingly constructing their line off of the periodic table of elements, IAmElemental looks beyond science and modern creation, and focuses instead on the character inside people.  Instead of relying on characters as a whole,  individual character traits are in perspective.  This unique approach sets this line apart from your everyday Superman or Wonder Woman.

In this first series of figures, “COURAGE,” the figures have names such as Bravery, Persistence, Energy, Honesty, and others.  Each figure has a specific set of skills and trademarks.  These realistic and common human attributes can allow girls to look beyond the silver screen or comic book and be their own hero.  In my opinion, these figures could act as a motivational decoy to empower themselves and those around them.  As powers unite and cooperate, they can only grow stronger.

“If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story.”  This trademarked slogan from the company speaks a thousand words.  These figures can truly grant the gift of imagination and self-worth in young women and girls everywhere.

Of course, boys and men can always be involved in this campaign and enjoy the line for themselves.  I only hope that they are able to do this, and aren’t kept away, due to the overwhelming, macho standards of G.I. Joe’s and Batman.

Time will tell, I suppose, considering the line will become available around the upcoming holiday season.

I do encourage you to surf around the site from the link above and learn about this amazing product.  Pre-order and tell your friends.  It’s about time we women have something else to look up to.


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  1. Very interesting indeed. Something far removed from the run of the mill Barbie brigade! Thanks for posting.


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