Coca-Cola: One Company Trying to Showcase America for What it Could Be

As most of you may know, the Super Bowl was last night.  Of course, whether or not a legitimate football game occurred, is up for interpretation.  As a Broncos fan, I openly admit that this game was a farce and a pitiful defeat.  So, the only thing keeping me tuned in, was the commercials.

Overall, the commercials seemed about the same as always – Doritos, cars, money, blah blah blah.  HOWEVER!  The Coca-Cola ad sweeping the nation and world alike has a lot to say.  Take a look:

This commercial has sparked quite a bit of attention, most of which isn’t very positive.  Why is that?  Why is it a constant struggle for this country to embrace the foundations of our nation and realize that America is indeed, a quilt of culture, language, and people?

I feel that this commercial is perfect.  The song is a wonderful fit.  Not only is a historically recognized and endearing song, it was written by Katharine Lee Bates, who lived happily with a woman for 25+ years.  So yea, she’s a lesbian.  The use of multilingual context, and individuals is beyond comparison.  Introducing a family with two dads, utilizing a good mixture of males and females, showcasing culture, happiness, innocence, and purpose was seamless.

Why must there be so much hatred and ignorance associated with this commercial?  Ok, so English wasn’t the dominant language…well…English isn’t a native language to this land if you really want to go there.  We are who we are and what we are based on a long history of immigration.  Sure, this immigration may have been done in both positive and negative ways throughout time, but what nation is exempt from this?

All I know, is that I have had a lot of problems with this country lately, but this commercial reminded me why I enjoy being an American.  I come from a country of culture, freedom, chance, opportunity and love.  Unfortunately, this gets covered up too easily.  Maybe 2014 can help turn that cycle around.

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