True TV Titans

The weather outside is still frightful, but I’m on my Spring break!  After months of stress, school, jobs, and everything in between, I am more than happy to be celebrating my Spring break in February.  Needless to say, rather than soaking up the sun, I’m enjoying the excuse to stay inside and watch the magical moving picture box for once.

Although I would prefer to just turn off my brain and watch the pixels flash by, I get so annoyed by 95% of what I see on TV today.  I don’t care about the Kardashians, anyone from any shore, flat lining sitcoms, sexist dramas, or horrible commercials.  What I do care about, are the few shows, characters, and actors that have made an impact on my life.  I only wish they had a larger voice today.

1. Lucille Ball 

I Love Lucy is hands down, my favorite show of all time.  I have a vast collection of dolls, books, posters, etc…and have been watching this show since I can remember.  The show is eternally entertaining and more importantly, Lucille Ball is a titan of industry that can never be forgotten.

Lucy starred in her own role for six groundbreaking seasons, alongside an outstanding cast.  During the course of this show, she juggled the advent of having two children with her on/off air husband Desi Arnaz, having marital problems and a divorce with said husband, and living her celebrity life in general, all while serving as President of her own production company.  “Desilu Productions” has been responsible for I Love Lucy as well as other shows, such as Star Trek and The Untouchables.  Needless to say, Lucille Ball was a powerhouse of unstoppable proportions.

2. Elaine Benes ~ Seinfeld

Played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the character of Elaine Benes makes Seinfeld an instant classic for me.  The 90’s sitcom is hilarious in general, but Elaine seals the deal in every episode.  Not only is she an avid feminist, she stands her ground and proclaims her view points whenever possible.  She holds intricate positions in various publication related jobs, and doesn’t rely on men to make her happy.  Sure, many of her funny moments revolve around David Putty or other men that she dates, but that has no hindrance on the power of her character’s individuality.

3. Leslie Knope ~ Parks and Recreation 

Who doesn’t love Amy Poehler?  Honestly now.  Where do I even start?

Everything about Leslie Knope is perfect.  That’s all I can even say.  Just watch the show.

4. Mindy Kaling

Her role as Kelly Kapoor in The Office will always leave a stitch in my side from laughter.  I am also happy to say that her new show The Mindy Project is another hit in the right direction.  Even though her character’s lean toward a more flighty type of romantic personality, edging on obsessive at times, Mindy Kaling is an outstanding comedian in today’s society.  Her characters all find their strength, have their voice, and love everything about who they are.

To me, it is refreshing to see a beautiful, full figured woman such as Mindy Kaling on TV.


My list could go on and on, but for now, I will leave you with these four.  Even though I barely broke the surface on these four wonderful women, hopefully they will get just a bit more recognition and appreciation that they deserve.